A little bit more about me...

I guide and support women in deeply accepting and honouring everything that makes them who they are. I offer them the safe space to travel within and connect with their imperfections, flaws, emotions, feelings, attributes and bodies. I help them heal, feel unconditional self-acceptance, strengthen their relationship with themselves, and live from a place of innate worthiness.


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Short Bio

I have a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and a Life Coaching qualification from the Beautiful You Coaching Academy, which is accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF). I am also the host of The Inner Calling Podcast - soulful and heart-to-heart conversations on self-acceptance, authenticity and inner power.

I used to write, sharing my journey to inner calm and happiness on Shine Through You - a wellbeing and lifestyle website. I also have previous experience providing emotional support to people in distress from my work for a mental health charity. Currently I live in the UK, but I coach women all over the world.

I am at a place in my life where I can finally say that I wholeheartedly accept and love the human I am and I don’t let fear, shame and self-judgement stop me from shining my light. That’s why I’m so passionate to help you feel that unconditional self-acceptance within yourself too and step into your self-worth. But I haven't always been like that…

Years ago...

There was a time when I felt lost and stuck, I was no longer excited about my life and what the future held. I felt like life was just something that happened to me. I changed jobs, continents and cities, but there was something missing. I never felt like I was “enough” and ran away from who I really was. I judged myself for everything I did and did not do. I was ashamed of my flaws, my sensitivity, awkwardness and deeply-felt emotions. I blamed myself for my past mistakes and failures. I was exhausted of trying and pretending, thinking that if only I was more like everyone else, then I would be finally happy.

Fast forward...

I reached a breaking point - I tried so many things only to feel so much worse. My emotional and physical health quickly crumbled as I watched my body shutting down. I had to leave my job, cry on the floor for days and wondered if there was any point of living... But this was when I fully let go and surrendered to the unknown. Surrendering to what my life had turned out to be, I became open to listening to my heart and allowed myself to be guided to what’s next. One day I finally picked up the personal development book that had been lying on the coffee table for a year. I dusted it off and opened it up (so I could prove how unhelpful it was and get back to my fears and self-pity - my ego was having a blast back then!). And guess what? I was proven wrong and I could not have been more grateful for that.

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Step by step (it didn't happen overnight!) I came to realisations that opened my heart and mind like never before, which then paved the way to me taking ownership of my life. I awakened the essence of who I am, stopped seeking external approval, discovered my unique power within and learned how to lean on it. I no longer criticised myself for every single thing I did. I faced all my fears, shame and guilt so they weren't holding me back anymore. I started working with a life coach and learned to deeply accept and love myself for who I am and always was. For the first time I saw my flaws and weaknesses as my biggest strengths, as something to celebrate and grow, rather than hide and deny.

I know what it's like and how it feels.

This is why I have the passion to start this journey with you and help YOU feel that unconditional self-acceptance, so you can live your life free and unburdened.

Is it time to release everything that has been standing in your way, so you can step into the wonderful being you truly are?

Are you ready to make that transformational change within you?

10 quick facts about me...

  1. I feel the most connected when I am in nature, the beach is my happy place - I love being in water!

  2. I am an INFJ, empath, Scorpio sun, Aquarius moon and Virgo rising.

  3. Herbal tea is my all-time favourite drink.

  4. Growing up I wanted to become a doctor or a designer, but what I am doing now is a zillion times better because it fits who I am. It’s what my heart and soul is calling me to.

  5. I love the scent of autumn and the inner shift it brings.

  6. I make the best vegetable risotto (except that my mum doesn't think so!).

  7. I am a sucker for a good fiction book that I can curl up with in the evenings.

  8. I love to dance when no one's watching.

  9. I am terrible at singing, like seriously.

  10. I admit it, I love cake.