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“Before working with Annie I was struggling to accept myself and figure out who I was and which direction I wanted to go in life. I felt stagnant, disconnected and lost. Like I was just letting the years pass by and not really doing anything that inspired me. My life didn't reflect what I wanted to feel, be or do.

Reading Annie’s reviews and exploring her website after connecting with her on Facebook really got me excited to work with her. I was open and ready to make a change in my life. Saying "yes" to coaching just felt right. I was a bit nervous because it was out of my comfort zone. Annie provided a relaxed and healthy environment for me to speak freely and open up. By the end of the first session I felt lighter and excited about this new experience.

With Annie's guidance, I was able to break through my limiting beliefs and focus on discovering my true passions and what really resonates with my soul. Now, I feel powerful and I am so ready to take on life. I won't settle for anything less than what truly makes me happy and fulfilled. I am able to recognize qualities about myself that I love now and overall I'm more accepting of myself. It has given me the confidence to take action in all areas of my life.

Thank you so much Annie for giving me the tools, resources, and guidance I needed to move forward. It felt so natural with you being my coach.” - Christina W.

life coaching client testimonial, self-worth, self-acceptance

“When I first met Annie I was really struggling with owning my 'enoughness. I wanted to step fully into my wholeness and move in the world from that space.

Annie is such a kind-hearted soul. She's so caring and can get straight to the heart of the problem. I cried a lot during our sessions both because she made me see things in a way I had never seen them before and also because she was unwittingly giving me permission to see and love myself in new and deeper ways. Being supported by Annie was a tremendous gift that I will cherish forever. She has been a major factor in my upleveling.

Annie made me realize that it was okay to want that wholeness for myself. It was okay to want to feel 'good enough' and to not necessarily feel like I was fully there yet. Where I felt ashamed of myself, my wanting and my process, Annie showed me that this experience was a blessing and that we are on a neverending path of growth and learning. She supported and guided me on the days when I couldn't show up for myself.

I strive much less for things and when I do catch myself striving I can quickly pull myself back to center. I accept my wholeness fully and know that I inherently know the next right steps to take. I feel much less inclined to follow other people's 'rules' because I know that my power is within me” - Alessia B.

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“Before I started working with Annie I was lacking inspiration and motivation to make the most of myself. I felt stagnant as if I could potentially be misspending some of the best years in my life by settling into a routine, mainly around work, that I was unsatisfied with. I was considering changing my job, but I did not know what an appropriate alternative would be.

Annie was a great coach whose manner and style put me at ease, providing a comfortable environment in which to delve deeper into my own thoughts, passions, and limiting beliefs. She encouraged my actions and celebrated the successes, but also made the right challenges when I was not being true to myself. Her insight into personal situations, feelings and emotions is very sharp but conveyed in a supportive and collaborative way. I’ve gained a greater feeling of positivity towards my life's trajectory and the recognition that my circumstances are what I make of them and that I have more agency than I think.

I would happily work again with her in the future to reach new goals. Many thanks for all your support!” - Stevie P.