TICP 008: Awaken Your Authentic Inner Power

Sharing 8 powerful practices and techniques that can help you awaken your unique inner power.

This episode explores:

  • Why I chose the title for this episode (0:44)

  • What power means to me (1:45)

  • Why your unique power comes from within and why no one can take it away from you (3:02)

  • Practice 1: Why taking responsibility and ownership of your life is key to awakening your inner power (6:19)

  • Tips on how you can start today (7:10)

  • Practice 2: How to look for your unique power from within – not the external world (8:15)

  • Practice 3: How to identify any roadblocks standing in your way to reclaiming your power + 5 powerful questions to reflect on (9:22)

  • Practice 4: How unconditionally accepting yourself can help you awaken your power (10:11)

  • Practice 5: How to learn to connect with yourself as a way of accessing your power (11:56)

  • Practice 6: How to practice feeling into your power + how it can help you with energy-draining people (13:58)

  • Practice 7: Guiding you through a technique that can teach you how to take up space and expand your presence (14:53)

  • Practice 8: How setting and honouring your boundaries helps you reclaim your power (17:31)

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Music: “Going Home” by Lee Rosevere licensed under CC BY 4.0.