TICP 010: Releasing Your Fear of Failure

In this episode you’ll learn how to release your fear of failure, sharing with you practical steps and powerful techniques that you can try. You’ll learn how to recognise the thought patterns, messages and bodily signals associated with feeling the fear of failure. You’ll discover the role that your beliefs and old stories play, and how to re-frame them. You’ll hear the number one question that you need to ask yourself about “failure”. And you’ll learn the steps that you need to take in order to clear out the inner clutter and overcome your fear.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Why we’ll never stop feeling fear, but we can learn to overcome it (1:25)

  • The key role that fear plays in our lives and what it’s actually there for (4:37)

  • How to recognise the thought patterns and messages that fear “sends” us (6:41)

  • Why the fear of failure keeps us stuck in the discomfort of our “comfort zone” (7:18)

  • The bodily signals that are indicative of fear (9:52)

  • The number one question that you need to ask yourself about “failure” (11:22)

  • What I believed to be true about “failure” and how I re-framed these beliefs (12:01)

  • Why our beliefs and stories play a BIG role in our fear of failure (15:13)

  • How to reflect on your life journey so far and re-frame your “failure” stories (16:47)

  • The practical steps you can take today to overcome your fear of failure (17:45)

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Music: “Going Home” by Lee Rosevere licensed under CC BY 4.0.