TICP 011: Stepping Fully Into Your Self-Worth

This episode explores some of the main reasons why we struggle with our worthiness – shame, level of self-acceptance, perfectionism, upbringing and environment, societal norms and expectations. Throughout the episode you’ll also learn self-reflection prompts that you can try so you can fully step into your self-worth, free from anything that’s been standing in your way. You’ll also hear about my personal struggles with self-worth and how I’ve learned to overcome them.

You’ll learn about:

  • Why self-worth and self-acceptance are interlinked (1:13)

  • I share with you a little bit about my personal struggles with worthiness (3:10)

  • How I’ve learned to overcome them and how I stepped fully into my self-worth (7:14)

  • Talking about shame as one of the biggest roadblocks to recognising your innate worthiness (9:58)

  • How to stop attaching your work to your identity and self-worth (11:37)

  • I share with you a re-framing exercise that you can try (12:50)

  • How perfectionism affects our level of self-worth (13:34)

  • How the societal expectations of the way we “should” look can make us feel unworthy of love and acceptance (15:34)

  • Your way out of it and sharing self-reflection prompts that can help you (17:09)

  • The role of our environment and how we’ve been conditioned to always strive for our worthiness (18:57)

  • Why you don’t have to prove, “earn” or strive for your self-worth (20:04)

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Music: “Going Home” by Lee Rosevere licensed under CC BY 4.0.